DARK GREY & BALMORAL or can be all DARK GREY if preferred

2'6" - £856
3'0" - £981

This memorial can be supplied in a different colour and material. Please request a price for your preferred colour or material.

To place an order or request further details enquire online or call 01268782757

Why Use Abbey Memorials?

  • First Class Customer Service - We Regularly Receive Orders Based On Personal Recommendations From Previous Customers
  • Complete Memorial Planning Assistance
  • Peace of mind - we are members of The National Association of Monumental Masons
Burial ground fees are not a set price, so please call our freephone number 01268782757 to speak to a member of our staff who will be able to help you.

  • The following comment only applies to headstone memorials, full kerbsets and cremation memorials (it does not apply to Vases):  This price includes 90 letters in 23.5 ct gold leaf or enamel letters, fixing into the cemetery & V.A.T. If the memorial is 2 feet high or higher and the cemetery or churchyard requires the memorial to be secured with an anchor bolt (not all do) this would add £49 to the quote.
  • If the cemetery or churchyard is outside of one of two radius lines from our factory in Essex there may be an area charge payable in addition which will be included in your quotation. However our prices are so competitive that we have found that, even with this area charge, our prices are still very competitive when compared with more local masons - and our service and the quality of our workmanship means that we keep being asked to supply memorials throughout the UK from our base in Rayleigh, Essex.
  • We can supply this memorial in any colour granite - or in marble or nabresina or limestone - (and to any design) subject to the cemetery office approving the permit application. Please ask us for the price in your choice of material or colour
  • If a memorial image is shown on the website with an opening line ie "In Loving Memory Of" this is shown ONLY as an  example and is not part of the memorial order unless you choose to include it as part of your inscription - where it will then form part of the 90 letters allowance. Equally, the flowers shown in the images on the website and in our brochure are shown for demonstration purposes only - they are not supplied with the memorial.

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